Coach, am I a Champion?

That question can be music to my ears or can be the prelude to another disappointment. Claiming to want to be a champion is the easy part. Understanding what is actually required to become an AIIA Champion requires more than working out, racing or competing. Sobriety, focus, heart and investment are only the precursors to becoming an AIIA Champion. By creating a more excellent way to live a substance free life one must completely commit to do what is necessary to become a champion.
Wanting to be a Champion, wanting to be the best at everything, whether it is in recovery, treatment, education or in athletics requires the same basic process as sobriety; an understanding of the subject, a knowledge of the limitations, a love for the subject. Becoming a champion requires a strong work ethic and a willingness to sacrifice old habits, friends and relationships in order to achieve success in athletics, healthy living and of course…sustained sobriety.
There are many individuals who have bought into the lie that they can never be a Champion. They tend to stumble upon the notion of being a champion after years of being stuck in life’s deep emotional ruts. The last thing they believe is that overcoming adversity strengthens them from the core-out and that a little self belief can create a fire that has the potential to create the Champion. But there lies the key, the foundation of success;
You see, True CHAMPIONS are made, not born. CHAMPIONS are created through adversity. Yes, bad days, stressful situation, heartaches, emotional pain and losses are all necessary elements in the production of a CHAMPION. Your character is built in the storm life offers. It is not built in success, it is built in adversity. You develop strength when you are in difficult spots yet, the key is learning to handle opposition with courage and integrity and rising when you fall, so you become that CHAMPION.
Characteristics of an AIIA Champion:
• The Athlete discovers how great they can be
• The Athlete talks soft and plays loud
• The Athlete loves the battle more than the victory
• They are not afraid to lose
• The Athlete faces their giants to reach their goals
• They compete with purpose and passion
• The Athlete learns from losses
• They live in the present moment
• The Athlete produces continuous improvement
• The Athlete knows how much they’re worth
So what are you waiting for? I once heard that every story has a hard part in the middle. Take a look at your life, where you currently stand. If you are having difficult times or circumstances seem overwhelming, congratulations this is the middle, not the end. Even greater than that is the undaunted fact that those adversities can be the platform you need to take a stand, rise up, flex the muscles and overcome that which keeps you stuck. Then you, will know, exactly who you are! You Are A…………….