Finding The Cause

Today’s podcast focuses on psychologist, Eric Erickson’s stages of development. Listen as Coach Blu and athletic director, Marissa discuss how the stages can help you identify the beginning of your addiction, how to erase and replace the feelings and associations related to the time you used, as well as helpful tips on how to help your family members who may be struggling.

  • Stage One (0-1)– Trust vs Mistrust

  • Stage Two (2-3)– Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt

  • Stage Three (4-6)– Initiative vs Guilt

  • Stage Four (7-12)– Industry vs Inferiority

  • Stage Five (13-19) - Identity vs Role Confusion

  • Stage Six (20-40) – Intimacy vs Isolation

  • Stage Seven (40-60) - Generativity vs Stagnation

  • Stage Eight 60+ – Ego Integrity vs Despair

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The Power Of Play

This weeks episode discusses the power of play. It seems as though as we grow up, we forget how to play. Listen as Coach Blu and Athletic Director Marissa Robinson discussed the significance of Healthy recreation with friends and family. Explore how important it is to erase addiction and replace it with activity, balance, and learning. This is a fun podcast that will remind you of all the things you did before addiction to go over your life and more importantly, how to regain control of your leisure time.

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Turn The Mess Into A Message

Today Coach Blu interviews James Johnson, the newest Coach of team Addict II Athlete as he describes his history, how he was introduced to team Addict II Athlete, efforts he's making in his own community  to establish AIIA and the difference he's making by his desire to serve and surround himself with the team. This is a powerful and motivating interview and you will understand how our motto of turning massive addiction into the message of recovery is a key factor in recovery. 

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