Secret Of Success

Inevitably, there will be times in an athlete’s life that finishing the race will not be possible. There are so many variables stacked up against the athlete that sometimes, I repeat, sometimes finishing the race alludes them. From being under or over hydrated, to a strategically placed blister forming on the sole of your foot that makes completing the journey impossible. Yet, we consider that a failure. You will never have a perfect race, just as your sobriety will never be a perfect experience. It’s how we look at what we deem as failure that shapes us into the agents of sobriety. It takes an emotionally talented individual to be willing and able to separate successes from failures. It begs the question then, “What is the secret of success?”One of the secrets to success is understanding what to do with your feelings. Feelings can be misleading, and it is so common for people to interpret their feelings in ways that create misery and discouragement rather than hope and faith. It’s often hard to tell whether you’re on the right path just by how you feel. Everything looks like a failure in the middle. Just look at some of the movies you enjoy watching. The heroes always have a difficult part in the middle, but through perseverance something amazing comes in the end. Sometimes life’s growing pains can feel like failure—and sometimes failure is part of growth. Athletes don’t be too quick to interpret what you feel in a difficult learning experience as failure. It could be more likely that you are actually on your way to something great through a powerful learning opportunity.
You’ve heard it before, that crossing the finish line is not representative of a success. The success is at the starting line where you had the courage to go when the gun was fired.