Anonymous, no way…
As we move forward in this new way of living, promoting recovery I take a step back to look at who we are and who we are becoming. For years people with addictions have been looked down upon being called weak minded lowlifes with a poor value system. That is simply not the case. Not too many years ago being labeled an addict ostracized an individual into hiding. It signified moral decay, self-centeredness and criminal mindedness. Who wouldn’t hide from such a label or even keep it a secret?
The problem is addiction, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather an addiction is the beginning of an inspirational story. A story beginning with an open heart, a purpose and investment, this can inspire thousands of people. Think about it…Anonymous, defined as: (adjective) Lacking individuality, character, or distinction. Having no known name.
What a disappointing way to describe an individual who has a name and is full of character and endless possibilities. Someone who admits there is a problem. What an unfortunate way for an individual to show their potential inside their heart, that unique part of them that makes them stand out above everyone else. What a disheartening way to allow oneself to not become the agent of recovery they’re destined to be rather keeping them stuck in the victim stance of addiction. Although many of our stories are the same in theme its the heart within the individual that changes. The activating event or push that motivates them and the love they discover for self, others and stakeholders loosens the grip of addiction’s ugly head. Allowing them now to stand tall, head held high as the addict is erased and the individual is replaced with something brilliant. These individuals are no longer addicts. They are athletes, fathers, mothers, students, artists, creators and producers in their new world.
There is nothing anonymous about Addict II Athlete. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There’s never a sense of endless woe but there most certainly is unique characteristics that make you who you are. When you pull the label over your head and dawn ‘Addict II Athlete’ as a banner for all to see, you are literally changing the way people view you. And if those individuals watching you build up the courage to inquire your story, you will stand out as an Agent in Recovery, changing the Mess life once was into a Message of who you are and who you are becoming…. for you are a champion.