One Voice

Do we truly understand how powerful our voices can be? It makes me wonder sometimes how we can all be united in one voice yet say so little. What makes us stand out, what makes us believe we are less than, what gives us the right not to live up to the potential that we can become? Could it be fear? Could it be a lack of motivation? Or could it be the fact that if we truly understood how powerful we are, we would have no boundaries or limitations that would hold us back from happiness? Addict II Athlete got a very small taste of this on February 14, 2012 as what we thought was going to be just a visual experience at the Rally for Recovery at the Salt Lake City Capitol building actually turned out to be a pedestal and launching pad for the program. With only a few minutes to prepare, I was asked to speak on the benefits and basic components of what Addict II Athlete was. Even more impressive was when they told me to take my seat amongst the suits preparing to address the crowd on the benefits of providing recovery to individuals who so desperately need it. I sat there stunned and amazed at the caliber of individuals who not only surrounded me, but also the hundreds of individuals who sacrificed some of their time to make their voice heard in one sound and in one location to promote healing and recovery in Utah. To literally have the lawmakers of Utah hear their pleas and cries on the second floor of the rotunda, in harmony and unity, expressing that treatment works if you work it.

And as the speakers ran down. I was left sitting alone in a chair donning an addict to athlete T-shirt in full, running gear, ready to address these individuals of a program that will bring extreme joy and purpose to anyone’s life. For the first time addict to athlete would address a public crowd and introduce ourselves into the community as agents in recovery and athletes who have left their addiction in the dust.
As I addressed the podium and leaned towards the mic, I could see many individuals optimistically looking at the message I was about to deliver. And after a quick shout out to all my athletes, given me more than I deserve in applause and recognition, I was able to address the group and tell them about the successful program we have developed. Following a few rounds of applause from the audience an immense feeling filled all of our hearts as the athletes themselves came forward to not only represent A II A but to stand up for something that they believe in. Never in my life have I felt more gratitude in that moment, as the athletes surrounded me giving me support and creating a visual display of strength, respect, honor, and integrity.

Following our message we assembled outside the East side of the Capitol building, and after a brief 1 minute moment of silence for the addict who still suffers the athletes did two full laps around the Capitol building, which consisted of some strong hills and 1 1/2 miles. Addict II Athlete has left their mark, which is now the catalyst for things to come.